About Us


Founded in 2019, SUOTU is specializing in the development and manufacture of e-scooters and e-bikes. When we found out that it is not easy for people to find the best value electric scooter in the market, with so many generic designs, uninspired functionality and overpriced products. SUOTU decide to take the entire process upfront to show it our client.  Now YOU are connected to the manufacturer directly instead of going through multiple vendors when choosing an e-scooter. This way, you can ensure getting the best value possible: lowest price, inspired design, premium quality, advanced technology and hassle-free service.


We are taking the fun of outdoor playing to another level as well as daily commute. Introducing you to a new way of personal transportation, more intelligent, more convenient and more eco-friendly.

With a great engineering team in place, we have always focused on improving the quality  of SUOTU product. We hope you enjoy your new scooter as much as we loved developing it.